Beastly Boyz (2006)
(บรรยาย ˹ѧ᷺պٴ)

Director:David Decoteau Producer:David Decoteau Line Producer: Graham Kosakoski Music by Joe Silva Edited by Bruce Little
Director of Photography: Todd Turner
Executive Producer: Martin P. Hellman Screenplay by David Grove
Based on a story by David Grove and David DeCoteau
 Running time:75 min Country:Canada, USA Language:English

Genre:Horror  Subtitle:None Starring: Sebastian Gacki, Emrey Wright, Dean Hrycan, Charlie Marsh,

Andrew Butler, Valerie Murphy, Kyle Schwitek, Tyler Burrows and Neil William Hrabowy

˹ѧäԵ 仴˹ԡ ˹ѧ᷺պٴ ˹ѧäԵ͹ѹѺ

Rachel, a beautiful young artist, is savagely murdered at her secluded lakefront house by a group of soulless killers. Enraged and shocked by his sisters senseles murder, Rachels brother, Travis, vows to avenge her murder and punish her killers one by one even if it costs him his soul. Guided by his sisters ghostly voice that commands him to take brutal revenge, Travis hunts down each of the killers and punishes them in gruesome fashion. Sickened by the horror of his own murderous actions, and driven by his murdered sisters vengeful spirit, Travis discovers a fate much worse than murder

Beastly Boyz is a 2006 homoerotic horror television film directed by David DeCoteau. It was the first movie to be released on his Rapid Heart Extreme label. The film has been screened on the LGBT-focused here! television network.



Beastly Boyz (2006)

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