And While We Were Here (2012)

Director:Kat Coiro Screenplay by:Kat Coiro  Running time:83 min Country:USA Language:English

Genre:Drama  Subtitle:English  Starring: Kate Bosworth, Iddo Goldberg, Jamie Blackley







Tribeca Film Festival 2012

Best Narrative Feature
Kat Coiro 


Jane is drifting through life, a depressed writer in a loveless marriage who struggles to see the point of even getting out of bed in the mornings. Her husband, obsessed with his career, doesn''t seem to understand, and the monotony of their matrimony is slowly killing Jane''s spirit even more than the grind of the world. When she joins her husband on a business trip to Italy, she''s already contemplating how to end it. Everything changes when she meets Caleb, a young, free-spirited American who sweeps her off her feet and makes her heart pound for the first time in years. Caleb encourages her to embrace life and let go of the past, waking up the passion that lay dormant in her soul for so long. As their affair intensifies, however, Jane is forced to face some painful truths about herself, her marriage and the circumstances that led to her depression in the first place. With romance, heartache and beautiful scenery from the Island of Ischia, And While We Were Here examines the true meaning of love and all the risks involving in grasping it.

While working on a writing project on the island of Ischia, a married woman (Bosworth) enters into an affair with a younger man.



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