An Amorous Woman of Tang Dynasty (1984)

Director:Eddie Ling-Ching Fong by:  Screenplay by:Chun Tin-Nam, Eddie Fong Ling-Ching, Yau-Daai On-Ping  

Running time:1 hour 42 minutes Country:Hong Kong Language:Mandarin Genre:Action,Drama,Erotica  

Subtitle:English  Starring: Pat Ha Man-Jik ... Yu Yuan Gi/Yu Yao Mei, Alex Man Chi-Leung ... Tsui Pok Hau,
Chang Kuo-Chu ... Auyang
, Lam Hoi-Ling ... Lu Chiao, Poon Jan-Wai ... Taoist Yung, Ku Feng ... Li,
Wang Lai ... head of the monastery
, Wong Shu-Tong ... Kung Meng Wu


      ˹ѧͧõԡͧѧʹյͧ 觴ѧҡؤ  ѺʹͪҪԧҧͧ 㹻չ鹴 ʴ Alex Man ҹ ¹ Ҫʹѧؤ ʴѺ Patricia Ha


        One of the most significant and offbeat HK adult films, AN AMOROUS WOMAN OF TANG DYNASTY is a period softcore drama with a decidedly feminist perspective and sexual encounters that are always relevant to the story. Taoist priestess/poetess Yu Yuan-gi (Pat Ha Man-chik) possesses a yearning to experience aspects of life that go beyond the traditional parameters of her station. While associating with the upper echelon of society, she also carries on a torrid relationship with roving swordsman Tsui Pok-hau (Alex Man Chi-leung). Yuan-gi (a gifted scholar who chose to become a priestess, in order to be independent) and Pok-hau (a man who chose to be an assassin, rather than live a mundane life) are a seemingly ideal match but he eventually leaves her to resume his travels in the martial world. In the meantime, Yuan-gi earns the reputation among the townsfolk of being amoral because of the sexual relationship she carries on with her maid, Lu Chiao. Pok-hau returns but soon abandons her again, prompting Yuan-gi to take up with other men. However, when she discovers that Chiao has been impregnated by a man whose identity she refuses to divulge, Yuan-gis actions lead to tragic consequences.

       The story concerns one Yu Yuan-gi (Patricia Ha), a young lady renowned for her scholarship who has chosen to become a Taoist priestess in order to keep her independence and avoid becoming just another wife or mistress to a minor official. Shes a very strong character as the film begins, aware of what she wants out of life and secure in her position as a famous scholar. Life in a monastic order doesnt really fit with Yus insatiable taste for liasons and the world outside her place in society, however; while she associates with the upper classes in her role of the celebrated poetess, she spends her time in the arms of a rough-hewn wandering swordsman (Alex Man Chi-Leung). She also carries on a relationship with her maid, Lu Chiao (Lin Kai-lin), something thats seen as even more scandalous by her order and the world at large. As the film progresses, Yu Yuan-gi makes even more amoral decisions, and her world begins to spin out of control.






Hong Kong Film Awards 1985

Hong Kong Film Award
Best Supporting Actor
Kuo-Chu Chang 
Best Supporting Actress
Monica Lam 
Best Art Direction
King Man Lee 
Best Original Film Score
Jim Shum