Inga (1968)

Director: Joseph W. Sarno Running time:96 min Country:Sweden | USA Language:English, Swedish  

Genre: Drama, Romance, Exploitation  Subtitle:English  Starring: Marie Liljedahl ... Inga Frilund,
Monica Strömmerstedt ... Greta Johansson, Inga''s aunt,Thomas Ungewitter ... Einar Nilsson, editor-in-chief,
Anne-Lise Myhrvold ... Dagmar, Casten Lassen ... Karl Nistad, young writer, Else-Marie Brandt ... Frida Dagheim, maid,
Sissi Kaiser ... Sigrid Nilsson, feature editor, Rose-Marie Nilsson, Curt Ericson ... Hallstroem, boat salesman (as Kurt Eriksson),
Lennart Norbäck ... Lothar Bjoerkson, Lotta Persson ... Uta Dahlberg, judge, Anders Beling ... Birger,
Annabel Reis ... Olga, Ulf Rönnquist ... Tor, Kitty Kurkinen ... Helga Lindqvist, young writer


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Joe Sarnos Inga (Jag - en oskuld) was the directors biggest ever hit and became one of the iconic erotic movies of the 1960s. Its also something of an oddity, being an American sexploitation movie shot in Sweden with a mixed American-Swedish crew. The result is a surprisingly successful blending of the European art-house movie with Sarnos distinctive style of very American sexploitation.

Former ballerina Marie Liljedahl became an international sex symbol after this provocative exploitation film from director Joe Sarno. Liljedahl stars as Inga, a studious virgin who goes to stay with her 32-year old Aunt Greta (Monica Strommerstedt) at her home in Stockholm. The nubile Inga''s presence disrupts the household, stirring trouble with Greta''s kept boytoy Karl and her secret admirer Einar. Although melodramatic and trite, the film did a great deal of box-office business due to its steamy content and the frequent sexual activity of its beautiful young star.

Joseph Sarno, the name should ring a bell for those of you interested in sexploitation cinema, directed the box office smash Inga in 1968. The film was a huge success both in Sweden, where its filmed, and internationally. Starring the beautiful Marie Liljedahl in her first, and perhaps most memorable role, as the beautiful young virgin Inga. The film may seem as just another sex film from a decade when they were in bundles, but Inga is much more than that. Using heavy elements of drama, Sarno creates a hauntingly beautiful and deeply erotic look at the free love generation of the 60s. Sarno tells a very compelling story with steady direction and the pacing throughout the film is excellent. The scenery in the film is very beautiful, whether its downtown Stockholm or in the luxury middle class houses of the characters. The acting in the film is very good, and both Liljedahl as Inga and Monica Strommerstedt as her aunt are great in their roles. The soundtrack in the film by Clay Pitts is really just amazing, and features some really catchy rock tunes and some more emotional, slow pieces that just incorporate itself in the film brilliantly. Inga is perhaps not as shocking today as it was for audiences in the 60s, nevertheless it still remains an important part in the history of erotic cinema. If you want to see a really good sex film from the early sixties you need to see Inga, a powerful piece of sexploitation and a significant piece of motion picture history. Highly recommended!!
Patrick, excerpt from Repulsive Cinema

The disc includes:

- Swedish version of the film. A separate video file includes the entire film in Swedish. The films run the same length and there do not seem to be any differences in editing, some dialogue is changed slightly, but not changing the story at all. Picture quality is a little more grainy but still watchable. Includes burnt-in English subs - they are white and can be sometimes hard to make out properly.
- Audio commentary with Joe Sarno, his wife Peggy (who was involved heavily in the film), producer Sam Sherman and moderated by Bruce Hollenbeck. Slow in paces but with a lot of interesting information.
- Two theatrical trailers, both emphasising the sex scenes.
- An interview with Marie Liljedahl - audio only, asks some interesting questions about her involvement with this film, but leaves many interesting questions unanswered. (10 minutes).
- "Outtakes" - extra footage of the dancing party scenes and what seems to be an alternate take of the shower scene (although it looks identical to that in the final film). A curio. (10 minutes)
- Trailers for other Retro-seduction releases: 2069: A Sexy Odyssey, Naughty Stewardesses, Female Animal, Masters Plaything, Seduction of Inga, I Like Girls Who Do and Possession of Nurse Sherri.
- Trailers for other modern Seduction Cinema projects: Misty Mundae: Mummy Raider, Erotic Vampire in Paris, Gladiator Eroticvs, Erotic Survivor 2, Vampire Obsession, Erotic Mirror and Sexy 6th Sense.