Big Love (2012)

Director:Barbara Bialowas Writter:Barbara Bialowas  Running time:95 min Country:Poland Language:Polish

Genre:Drama, Romance, Thriller  Subtitle:English  Starring: Aleksandra Hamkalo ... Emilia,Antoni Pawlicki ... Maciek,
Robert Gonera ... Adam
, Dobromir Dymecki ... Kudlacz, Lukasz Bugowski ... Andrzej,
Magdalena Pociecha ... Magda
, Malgorzata Pieczynska ... Emilia''s mother



Young girl (Alexandra Hamkało) meets an older boy (Antoni Pawlicki). He introduces her to the world of passion and rebellion against conservative values. She begins to discover herself and gradually moves up from her beloved.

Big Love Reminiscent of Nicolas Roeg''s Bad Timing (1980), this sexually explicit art movie jumps back and forth between two story lines, one tracing the obsessive affair between a teenage music student (Aleksandra Hamkalo) and a biochemist (Antoni Pawlicki) some ten years her senior, and the other chronicling the police investigation that ensues after the man has murdered the girl. Writer-director Barbara Bialowas seems more concerned with style than substance: her movie is full of pretentious flourishes (music-video numbers, time-lapse photography, oversaturated color) that distract from the characterization. This is never dull, however, and the two leads deliver highly charged performances. In Polish with subtitles



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