SM-rechter (2009)

Director:Erik Lamens  Writter:  Running time:90 min  Country:Belgium  Language:Dutch  Genre:Biography | Drama  

Subtitle:English Starring:Gene Bervoets Gene Bervoets ... Koen Allegaerdts, Veerle Dobbelaere Veerle Dobbelaere ... Magda De Herdt,
Axel Daeseleire Axel Daeseleire ... Marcel Luyten, Sofia Ferri Sofia Ferri ... Young Iris


In 1997, the Belgian public was in shock when judge Koen A. was convicted for the S&M relationship with his wife. Although their life was destroyed by the verdict, Koen and his wife Magda remain together today. The film is a story about dark sexuality and true love, told from the lover''s unique point of view. Written by Anonymous


"Parents don''t have sex!" (too true)
Author: Sandcooler
"SM-rechter" is probably the most heart-warming S&M-related movie you''ll see in your life. The movie features plenty of whipping, piercing, chaining and even branding, but I mainly remember a beautiful yet unconventional love story. A successful man putting everything he has at stake for the love of his wife, that''s just touching no matter how much explicit rough sex it requires. The fact that the movie''s based on a true story probably makes the two main characters even more compelling, it''s not just a movie (though I have no idea how accurate the portrayal is, I wasn''t there). "SM-rechter" is a movie that can make people talk, and it seems that was what the director was going for. And even in the unlikely case that this movie doesn''t make you think, at least it''s pretty entertaining throughout. Not bad at all.




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