Nenè (1977)

Director: Salvatore Samperi  Writter:Alessandro Parenzo, Salvatore Samperi  Running time:108 min  Country:Italy 

Language:Italian  Genre:Drama Subtitle: Enlish  Starring:Alberto Cancemi ... Rodi, Leonora Fani ... Nenè,

Rita Savagnone ... Teacher of Ju, Tino Schirinzi ... Father of Ju and Pa,Paola Senatore ... Mother of Ju and Pa



In the Catholic and traditionalist Italy, two teen-agers covertly discover new prohibited games

"Maladolescenza Lite" is really an indictment of Family
Author: fertilecelluloid

Made in the same year as "Maladolescenza" and sharing some similarities, this Italian tale of teen and pre-teen exploration is essentially an indictment of Family and could be described as "Maladolescenza Lite". There is some dark psycho-sexual material here, but it involves the mentally ill patriarch of a little boy''s family whose sadistic impulses are visited on the body (and behind) of the boy''s mother. A little boy (Sven Valsecchi) becomes sexually curious about Nene (Leonara Fani) when she stays with the family in the wake of her mother''s suicide. In a couple of subtle sequences, Nene allows the boy to sleep beside her and engage in innocent touching. A dark, well written tale, "Nene" has a beautiful score by Francesco Guccini and superb direction by Salvatore Semperi. Interesting.



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