Love Camp (1977)

Director: Jess Franco  Writter:Erwin C. Dietrich (screenplay), Erwin C. Dietrich (story)  Running time:101 min  Country:Switzerland  Language:German  Genre:Adventure | Drama | Thriller  Subtitle: Enlish Starring:Ada Tauler, Nanda Van Bergen and Monica Swinn


Love Camp


Elite strikes again with yet ANOTHER entry into The Jess Franco collection. This time it''s back to the prison full of women and the land of showers, riding crop deflowering and soapy pubic regions! Love Camp is perhaps not in the league of Barbed Wire Dolls or Greta The Mad Butcher, but is a good time for any W.I.P. fan, and exploitation junkies will get a sharp shot in the movie funsack with this one.

A local guerrilla troop leader fighting an unspecified revolution decides that any good man who would fight under the supervision of a man named Gino da Guerra deserves the comfort of a good woman to keep up morale. SO...they just out and kidnap them! Random street whores and a woman on a honeymoon with her husband end up corralled with lesbians who love the young virgins. The ladies (and I use that term lightly) end up in a shower and disinfection line in short order, deloused and deflowered for the hard working men. In perfect genre fashion, the rules are simple, don''t mess with the warden or you get your head cut off. Don''t fight with the dyke...or it''s flogging time. And please...when the commander calls, no matter what sex they may be...ladies, service them well. Or it''s off to the chamber that goes WWWHHHHEeeerrreererrrrrr. That''s not a good place. Not good at all...just ask Lina Romay.

Mixing the standard fare in with a winkingly schmaltzy tale of a wife who longs to be treated as a whore stirring in funny social humor, Franco makes this 79 minute film zip by FAST. While the humor adds a nice touch don''t think for a second you won''t have forcible riding crop to vagina action, nor will you not have ample opportunity to endure some really fat guy forcing himself onto a woman. Nope, it just wouldn''t be right...like diet Kool Whip, it doesn''t work. And there are showers upon showers as well. Soapy bush, drippy bush and in one case...shivering bush!

Ada Tauler comes across quite well as our somewhat confused heroine, and though she still looks like Caroll Burnette to me-her performance is much stronger and I''d dare say sexier than in Voodoo Passion. She really takes it on the chin in this one....and I mean that. All the girls play the roles with the personality that the best W.I.P. films have, and look out for Monica Swinn in one of her best little vignettes with a cigar and her seduction technique. YIKES.

This quick little film was shot during a real flurry of activity for Franco and Erwin Dietrich. In a stretch of a few years several great films entered the canon of Franco, and several fun ones...Love Camp ranks amongst the fun ones. With a bit of panache, a playing of the sleazy conventions and his sly grin firmly locked on, Franco pours this little afternoon drink right into your lap with Frauen im Liebeslager-known to us as Love Camp from now on! Put on your smoking jacket, groove to the Walter Baumgartner soft jazz score and light up a Ceegar with Monica Swinn and company.