The Immoral Mr. Teas (1959)
(บรรยาย, չ)

Directer:Russ Meyer Writter:Russ Meyer, Edward J. Lakso (narration) Story:Russ Meyer Running time:63 min Country:USA Language:English Genre:Comedy Subtitle:Japanese, Chinese  Starring:Bill Teas ... Mr. Teas,
Ann Peters ... Coffeeshop Waitress
, Marilyn Wesley ... Dental Assistant, Michele Roberts ... Secretary (as Mischele Roberts),
Dawn Danielle ... Beach Beauty


Mr. Teas is a door to door salesman for dentists'' appliances. Everywhere he goes he encounters beautiful "well-developed" nude women, which of course stir his interest. The only sound in the film is the voice of a narrator and a very monotonic musical theme played on the clarinet or some similar instrument.

User Reviews
Salacious & esoteric ''Beatnik'' art?
Peter Whittle (London,England)
The existential Mr.Teas represents to me: avant garde ''Beatnik Art'' so well parodied in the pages of ''Playboy'' magazine circa.1959.He is a free-thinker: ''searching'' for the inner meanings & thoughts subdued by the forced conformity of the 1950s.The mental undressing of the ladies he encounters is his statement of individuality in the doomed pluralist mediocrity of the San Francisco he inhabits. Mr Teas retreats from the disillusioned dentist delivery-man to his licentious alter-ego; fishing in the lagoon , cavorting in ''The Raincheck Room'' & a diner with the waitress.Then with ''Nana'',a sensational burlesque dancer that even Russ Meyer himself applauds vigorously. He seems to represent the repressed everyman in all of us.Mr Meyer began his illustrious ''sex-ploitation'' film catalogue with an ''Tati''-esque artistic creation.A total masterpiece!.