Mondo Topless (1966)
(บรรยาย, չ)

Directer:Russ Meyer Writter:Tom McGowan, Russ Meyer Story:Russ Meyer Running time:60 min Country:USA Language:English Genre:Documentary  Subtitle:Japanese, Chinese   Starring:Babette Bardot ... Bouncy, Pat Barrington ... Herself (as Pat Barringer),
Sin Lenee ... Lucious
, Darlene Grey ... Buxotic, Diane Young ... Yummy, Darla Paris ... Delicious, Donna X ... Xciting,
Veronique Gabriel ... Herself (''Europe in the Raw'' footage)
, Greta Thorwald ... Herself (''Europe in the Raw'' footage),
Denise Du Vall ... Herself (''Europe in the Raw'' footage) (as Denice Duval)
, Abundavita ... Herself (''Europe in the Raw'' footage),
Heide Richter ... Herself (''Europe in the Raw'' footage)
, Gigi La Touche ... Herself (''Europe in the Raw'' footage),
Yvette Le Grand ... Herself (''Europe in the Raw'' footage)
, Lorna Maitland ... Herself (''Lorna'' screentest footage),
John Furlong ... Narrator
, Mickey Frantz ... Pool Photography Model (uncredited)


After a quick tour of San Francisco, Russ takes us on a nonstop tour of breasts in motion. Prominent strippers strut their stuff as they discuss their careers, bra sizes, and preferences in men.

Completely topless! Completely uninhibited! The wayout craze that began in San Francisco is now exploding across the USA and Europe. National publications have documented the "Topless", but nowhere has it been as thoroughly covered (or uncovered) as it is in Russ Meyer''s rampaging motion picture Mondo Topless. The film is believably real - but "unbelievable" just barely describes all of Meyer''s discotheque discoveries! Fantastic women, fantastic dances - the "buxotics" - in an incendiary tribute to unrestrained female anatomy featuring the world''s loveliest bosom brigade!

Great old time style soft core movie extremely humorous & entertaining
Author: celesto_moon
This is a really great movie, hilarious! The narrator is just ridiculous, they keep calling it "the art of the topless" and how the girls are skilled in the art. Its a good movie to pull out when you have people over and need something to entertain everyone. Basically, its just girls who are topless talking about their jobs or other various things in their lives. It''s pretty soft core & the most mischievous things one of the girls says is "When I go to bed, I don''t wear a brassiere". The things the girls say are stupid but the movie is pretty caked in satire. The narrator actually says "try to concentrate on this girl as she''s talking to you", its a joke! Old style movie but definitely worth it. Plus, it''s entertaining! O & A party rock!