Viva Riva! (2010)



Directer:Djo Munga  Producer:Djo Munga Writter:Djo Munga  Music:Cyril Atef, Congopunq, Louis Vyncke  Cinematography:Antoine Roch  Editor:Yves Langlois, Pascal Latil 

Running time: 98 min  Country:The Democratic Republic Of Congo, France, Belgium  Language:French, Lingala Genre:Drama Thriller  Subtitle: English
Patsha Bay... Riva (as Patsha Bay Mukuna), Manie Malone.. Nora,
Hoji Fortuna... César, Marlene Longange... La Commandante, Diplome Amekindra... Azor,
Alex Herabo.. J.M., Angelique Mbumb.. Malou, Nzita Tumba.. Mère Edo, Romain Ndomba.. G.O.





Black Reel Awards
Year Result Award Category/Recipient(s)
2012 Nominated Black Reel Outstanding Foreign Film
Year Result Award Category/Recipient(s)
2011 Nominated CPH:PIX Award New Talent Grand Pix
Djo Munga 

Riva is an operator, a man with charm and ambition in equal measure. Kinshasa is an inviting place. With petrol in short supply in DRC''s capital, he and his sidekick pursue a plot to get hold of a secret cache - barrels of fuel they can sell for a huge profit. Of course they''re not the only ones who want the stuff. Cesar is a ruthless, sharply dressed foreigner thriving in Kinshasa''s lawless streets. A female military officer joins the fray. Even the church will betray its tenets for a piece of the action. But Riva''s main nemesis is Azor, a crime boss in the classic style: big, decadent and brutal. He''s not a man to mess with, but his girlfriend, Nora, may just be the most seductive woman in all of DRC. Riva catches sight of her dancing at a nightclub and it''s not long before Nora matches the fuel cache as a coveted object of his lust.

User Reviews
An Eye-Opener
by Dianne Will
I enjoyed this movie beyond reason. It''s got equal parts love story, action, and gore and kept me engaged all through. Set in the Congo, it follows the struggles between ruthless gangsters as they fight for control over gasoline, a commodity worth more than a fetch of money in an area where petroleum shortages are severe. The star actress of the movie who plays Nora is a character entangled in the struggle through her relationship with one gangster and love for another, who happens to be the movie''s namesake, Riva. Nora plays a character who is equally troubling as she is seductive. Set in the Congo, this movie captures the place and its people eloquently, revealing complicated characters in a place plagued by raw poverty and crime.