Soundless Wind Chime (2009)






Director: Hung Wing Kit 

Writter: Hung Wing Kit  

Running time: 110 min

Country: China, Switzerland

Language: Swiss German, English,
Mandarin, Cantonese


Subtitle: English

Bernhard Bulling
Lu Yulai
Wella Zhang
Li Wai Foon
Marie Omlin
Hannes Lindenblatt
Wong Siu Yin

Ricky leaves Hong Kong for Switzerland to look for the lost soul and the past of his deceased Swiss lover, Pascal. Ricky struggles with the confusion of memories, reality and illusion.

Soundless Wind Chime (Chinese: 無聲風鈴; pinyin: Wúshēng fēng líng) is a 2009 independent film directed by Hung Wing Kit (Chinese: 洪榮傑), starring Lu Yu Lai and Bernhard Bulling. It was a 2009 Nominee for the Berlin International Film Festival''s Teddy Award.

"Soundless Wind Chime" centers around a new immigrant to Hong Kong from China, Ricky (Lu Yu Lai), who works as a delivery boy while living with his prostitute aunt (Wella Zhang). He is pickpocketed by a Swiss thief, Pascal (Bernhard Bulling) who is in an abusive relationship with his con artist boyfriend (Hannes Lindenblatt). Deciding to leave him, Pascal has a chance encounter with Ricky and the two begin a romantic relationship. The couple struggles through good times and bad, forcing them to determine if their relationship is based on love or dependence on one another. Several years later, Ricky searches Switzerland for signs of Pascal, eventually encountering Ueli (also played by Bulling), a timid antique store owner who looks the same as Pascal, but who has a vastly different personality. As Ricky and Ueli''s relationship deepens, the truth of Pascal and Ricky''s relationship is unraveled as the film progresses through glimpses of the present and the past.


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In the Turin GLBT international Film Festival, Italy, the film has won the Audience Award, Nuovi sguardi (Best New Director), and a Special Jury Mention for Best Feature Film in Competition.

This film has also won the Best Direction, and Best Actor (Lu Yulai) awards in the 13th LesGaiCineMad - Madrid International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival 2009

In Canada, Soundless Wind Chime has won the best international festure in the Vancouver Queer Film Festival, and the Jury Award For Best Feature Film in the Image+Nation Festival Cinema LGBT Montreal.