Food of Love (2002)

(§ѧ պ)


Director: Ventura Pons 

Writter: David Leavitt (novella "The Page Turner"), Ventura Pons  

Running time: 112 min

Country: Spain |Germany

Language: English
Drama | Music 

Subtitle: None
Paul Rhys, Kevin Bishop and Juliet Stevenson

Paul, a handsome and talented music student is employed as the page-turner at one of the world famous pianist Kennington''s concerts in San Francisco. Not only is Paul diligent but also extremely attractive, a fact noticed by Kennington and his agent Mansourian, two men at the top of their chosen careers. Kennington and Paul meet again in Barcelona, where the boy is on holiday with his mother, Pamela, who is trying to get over her husband leaving her. Paul and Kennington fall in love but this has very different implications for both men. Kennington rushes back home escaping from commitment. Pamela, meanwhile, begins to recover her self-confidence but Paul is no longer a child. Back in the United States Paul learns that his musical career is not going to progress as desired; he simply is not talented enough. Paul and Pamela will learn through their living experience how to build a deeper relationship.


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Awards 3 wins & 1 nomination

Barcelona Film Awards
Year Result Award Category/Recipient(s)
2002 Won Barcelona Film Award Best Score (Millor Música)
Carles Cases
Butaca Awards
Year Result Award Category/Recipient(s)
2002 Nominated Butaca Best Catalan Film (Millor película catalana)
Ventura Pons
Year Result Award Category/Recipient(s)
2002 Won Best Actress Juliet Stevenson
Best Feature Ventura Pons