Concent (2001)



Directer:Shun Nakahara  Producer:Yasuhiko Higashi, Miyuki Satô, Atsushi Watanabe   

Story: Based on Konsento by Randy Taguchi  Writter:Satoko Okudera   

Music:Yoshihide Ohtomo  Cinematography:Shogo Ueno   Editor:Toshihide Fukano  

Running time: 113 min  Country:Japan  Language:Japanese  Genre:Drama,Thriller  

Subtitle: English/ Starring:Miwako Ichikawa - Yuki Asakura, Miho Tsumiki - Ritsuko,
Houka Kinoshita - Takayuki Asakura, Masahiko Akuta - Dr. Kunisada,
Mantar? Koichi - Yamagishi, Jun Murakami - Jun Murakami



    Konsento is a Japanese thriller film released in 2001 and directed by Shun Nakahara. It is based on the bestseller novel of the same title by Randy Taguchi. Yuki Asakura''s (Miwako Ichikawa) life is thrown into turmoil when her older brother Taka (Houka Kinoshita) commits suicide. Seeking to understand why her brother died, she consults her former psychology lecturer, Dr. Kunisada (Masahiko Akuta), as a patient. She also meets a former classmate, Ritsuko (Miho Tsumiki), who seems to have an ulterior reason for helping her. I couldn''t take seriously Masahiko Akuta''s eye-rolling performance and Miwako Ichikawa appears in a lot of nude scenes, some of which seem unwarranted. There''s also some pseudo-scientific mystical explanation (a staple of Japanese screenwriting for the supernatural?) for what is happening, which doesn''t have any impact on the plot. The supernatural elements seem very gimmicky and don''t mesh well with the realistic tone of the film. If you ignore them, this film turns out to be a competently made drama about a woman coming to terms with the death of her brother and her troubled past.


ԡ ŧҹʴͧ蹢ͧ

Miwako Ichikawa


All About Lily Chou - Chou (2001) (Unrated Version) 
()ӡѺ Shunji Iwai 㹤Դѹ˹ѧշشҷҧ˹ѧѹ˹ѧشԴФ鹾úҧҧѹ˹ѧͤءٷԧ˹ѧͧҡ§ѹ˹ѧҹ




ԡ ˹ѧͧҧҡͧ

Randy Taguchi 


Antenna (2004)() 
Directer:Kazuyoshi Kumakiri ͺ˹觷ͧµҧ֡Ѻ ͦҵǵ 繾ǡѷԻҴ ¡ҪҴ S&M ǹͧ¡͡ҵͧԴ͡ѺǷҧҡ




ԡ ŧҹ¹ͧ蹢ͧ

Satoko Okudera


Summer Wars (2009)() 
Directer:Mamoru Hosoda ٹҧŪ Tokyo Anime Fair 駷 9 ͧ.The Girl who leapt through the time Ҵҧº֧ 5 Ң 駺 СӡѺŻ ѹشʹ Anime þҴ觻 2009

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (2006) 
() ӡѺ: Mamoru Hosoda ٹ״ҴԹ ҧ Animation of the Year 㹧ҹ 6th Annual Tokyo Anime Awards