Dog Pound (2010)



Directer:Kim Chapiron  Producer:Georges Bermann, Kim Chapiron  Writter:Jeremie Delon, Kim Chapiron Cinematography:Andre Chemetoff Editor:Benjamin Weill Running time:91 mins Country:Canada  Language:English Genre:Drama   Subtitle: English
Adam Butcher as Butch, Shane Kippel as Davis, Mateo Morales as Angel,
Slim Twig as Max, Taylor Poulin as Banks, Dewshane Williams as Frank,
Lawrence Bayne as Goodyear, Trent McMullen as Sands,
Jeff McEnery as Loony, Bryan Murphy as Eckersley






Tribeca Film Festival
Year Result Award Category/Recipient(s)
2010 Won Best New Narrative Filmmaker Kim Chapiron 

Dog Pound is a 2010 Canadian drama–thriller film, directed by Kim Chapiron; Chapiron co-wrote the screenplay with Jeremie Delon. The film is highly influenced by the British borstal film, Scum.

The movie chronicles the fictional experiences of several youths during their stay in a youth detention center. The focus revolves around the character ''Butch'' who is imprisoned for attacking and blinding a correctional officer (later revealed to be in self-defence, as the correctional officer is accused of assaulting several other detainees). The film starts with an initial ''bedding in'' period where the main characters are briefed by one of the guards (Goodyear) about how they should conduct themselves during their incarceration, including the possibility of earning points towards an early release should they behave. Butch initially attempts to conform with the rules. However, another of the recent detainees, Davis, finds himself bullied by some of the longer term youths who have earned the special privileges reserved for good behaviour, but have abused in order to intimidate the other boys. Butch is eventually attacked by the youths, whilst the bullying against Davis increases to the point that he is overdosed with an unrevealed substance. Butch is sent to solitude due to his refusal to reveal his attackers. Once he is out he immediately takes revenge against the youths, using Davis as lookout cover, Butch brutally beats the bully leader with a cup. The event helps establishes Butch''s rank within the detention centre and offers temporary protection to Davis and some of the other inmates. Butch is then told that the original charges against him will probably be dropped due to the emergence of other witnesses in relation to his attack against the police officer. However, during a routine painting job, the prison officer Goodyear accidentally kills one of the group (Angel) that Butch had formed friends with. Butch is placed in solitary confinement whilst an initial investigation takes place. Whilst Butch is in solitary, Davis is beaten up and raped by the inmates who had earlier bullied him, and later commits suicide after a failed attempt to contact his mother. As a result, Butch loses control and instigates a riot in the canteen. The detention officers are overwhelmed and use riot gear, tear gas and plastic bullets in an attempt to end the riot. Butch escapes outside the building during the confusion, but is taken down violently by the prison officers.

Dog eat dog
by kosmasp
And considering it''s a dog pound ... Seriously though: The movie is one of the best ones I have seen in a while, that contains people being locked-up (or in). I have to admit, that I have not seen "Scum" yet, which this movie is based on (or a Remake according to IMDb), but after seeing this, I have to go out and rent that one.

The characters on display here might feel a bit too distant and not everyone will be able to find a character he can entirely sympathize with, but that''s what made it so intriguing to me. It''s not showing a rose-tinted world. And it is not afraid to go ways, that other movies might have been. It''s raw and sometimes feels like a documentary (though it obviously isn''t).

Very good acting and a story that flows from start to finish, with no (visible) flaw in the storytelling. Highly recommended




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