Man From Deep River (Uncut version) (1972)



Directer: Umberto Lenzi Producer:Ovidio G. Assonitis  Writter:Francesco Barilli,

Massimo D''Avak  Music:Daniele Patucchi   Cinematography:Riccardo Pallottini   

Editor:Eugenio Alabiso Running time:93 min  Country:Italy Language:Italian,Burmese,Thai Genre:Adventure, Drama, Horror  Subtitle: English
Ivan Rassimov ... John Bradley, Me Me Lai ... Marayå (as Me Me Lay),
Prasitsak Singhara ... Taima, Sulaleewan Suwantat ... Karen, Ong Ard ... Lahuna,
Prapas Chindang ... Chuan, Pipop Pupinyo ... Mihuan, Tuan Tevan ... Tuan



Trailer :



Il paese del sesso selvaggio (1972)

A photographer on assignment in the rain forest is ambushed and held slave by a primitive tribe, until the chief''s daughter chooses him as her groom. After being initiated by various tortures, he becomes a part of the tribe and helps them against modern dangers and a cannibal tribe they''re at war with.

The original of the species
by Prof-Hieronymos-Grost (Ireland)
John Bradley (Ivan Rassimov) a London based photographer is on assignment in Thailand, after accidentally killing a local thug and taking into account that he is blonde and over six foot, he goes on the run into the countryside where along with a local as his guide he travels north to Burma by boat to film underwater river life. After falling asleep on the boat, he wakes to find his assistant dead in the water and himself captured by natives, they use him as a slave, but after some time he gradually builds up his credibility and becomes a warrior within the tribe and even finds himself courted by the chief''s daughter Maraya (Me Me Lai), but not before they subject him to some tortuous trials. Inspired somewhat by A Man Called Horse and itself perhaps an inspiration for Dancing with Wolves, Man from Deep River is often touted as the first real cannibal film, its certainly one of the first to show the practice graphically. The film though should not be compared to later gorefests like Lenzi''s Cannibal Ferox or Deodato''s Cannibal Holocaust, as it is much more restrained film that plays much more like a love story doomed to fail, that has cannibalism as a backdrop, even the de rigeur animal slayings seem to be there to further the plot, in fact it''s a rather sad tale of tribal life, told well. Rassimov at times resembles a Christ-like figure, one minute bound and tied and being speared, the next stooping in a loin cloth while struggling to carry large pieces of timber…he looks the part too. Former UK gameshow assistant Me Me Lai provides the love interest and the not so ample curves as she had later in her career.