Romeos (2011)



Directer:Sabine Bernardi  Producer:Katharina Dufner, Kristina Löbbert, Janna Velber    Writter:Sabine Bernardi   Music:Roland Appel   Cinematography:Moritz Schultheiß   Editor:Renata Salazar-Ivancan Running time:1 hour, 36 minutes   Country:Germany  Language:German, English Genre:Drama   Subtitle: English
Rick Okon ... Lukas, Maximilian Befort ... Fabio, Liv Lisa Fries ... Ine,
Felix Brocke ... Sven, Silke Geertz ... Pflegedienstleiterin Annette, Gilles Tschudi ... Herr Boeken,
Sigrid Burkholder ... Lukas'' Mutter, Johannes Schwab ... Lukas'' Vater, Tessa Lukat ... Leila,
Ben Gageik ... Svens Freund, Katrin Heß ... Pflegerin Jessy, Juliane Knoppek ... Jaqueline





A transgendered 20 year old gets swept up in the Cologne gay scene, and struggles to reveal his deepest secret after meeting the masculine boy of his dreams in this compassionate tale of sexual awakening. Lukas is a pre-op transgendered individual who was born female. Placed in a residential hall filled with female nurses as part of his community service, Lukas is struggling with the complexities of social acceptance when his friend Ine introduces him to the local gay scene. In no time Lukas catches the eye of Fabio, a handsome, outgoing guy possessing every ounce of confidence Lukas lacks. Meanwhile, Lukas realizes that in order to be truly accepted by Fabio, he must somehow find a means of revealing his most intimate secret. ~ Jason Buchanan, Allrovi

Lukas, 20 is right in the midst of male puberty – medically triggered – for he was in fact born a girl. Full of the zest for life, he enters big-city life but even upon arrival encounters a major screw-up: recruited for his community service, he is the only male quartered in the female nurses’ residential hall. What would be a dream for any other boy is acute, everyday stress for Lukas: being transgender means always finding yourself trapped in the wrong social compartment. Fortunately, his best friend Ine sticks by him and sweeps him into the scene of homosexuals in Cologne, where she is very well integrated. Here Lukas experiences his first real flirt – with the cheeky, daredevil and outwardly attractive Fabio. Fabio embodies all that Lukas lacks: disproportionately positive self-confidence and highly erotic masculinity. But Lukas, whose female attributes are still unaltered, is just about to express his desires. The initial attraction between the two boys gradually develops – until Fabio accesses the secret of Lukas’s identity when suddenly all are compelled to risk something for their feelings. ROMEOS dares to give a most unusual insight into the subject of transgender and humorously and cheekily sets out to do away with conventional thought on such roles. It is a film about love, friendship and a quite remarkable sexual awakening. ~ Strandreleasing

Lukas, 20, is a prisoner in his own body. As a pre-op transgendered person, he is constantly finding himself trapped in uncomfortable, compromising positions. His best friend, Ine introduces him to the gay scene in Cologne where he meets the confident and gorgeous, Fabio. The two develop a romantic relationship that tests the boundaries of love. ROMEOS forgoes stereotypes and conventions to offer an honest and humorous examination of the most basic of human conditions: friendship, sex, and love.