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Director:Albert Lamorisse won numerous awards on its release, including the Short Film Palme d'Or Grand Prize at the Cannes Film Festival. The film also became popular with children and was marketed for them.
Director:Israel Cardenas, Laura Amelia Guzman - Combining endlessly charming performances by real-life brothers Evaristo and Antonio Lerma Batista with beautiful Tarahumara landscapes, COCHOCHI captures a simpler world seemingly unaffected by modern times
Director:Benedikt ErlingssonͫŹ觪ԧʡ2014 ˹ѧҴҧEdda Awards2014 (ʡͧ Iceland) ·ʹѭҵҳͧѵ ͡ҧ ᷺ͧ麷ʹ (˹ѧպٴҡ)
Director:Jose Ramon Larraz - The story is stylishly told. Creative cameras show the countryside, the house and the high grasses surrounding it, the dream sequences, the wind moving the clothes on the clothes line, the river, beautiful erotic scenes.
Director:Vangelis Serdaris Ҿ¹õԡա ŧҹҧͧ Grigoris Dimitropoulos
Director:George Zervoulakos Ҿ¹õԡա ŧҹҧͧ Grigoris Dimitropoulos
Director:Luciano Ercoli Ҿ¹ԧѵʵ ͧǪǻѵԢͧ Lucrezia Borgia ١Ǿѹлһ硫ҹ 6 觵Сź ѹش㹻ѵʵ
Director:Danny Steinmann ˹ѧŷؤ80 ͧLinda Blair ˹ѧ ͧǡҷêѺͧǢͧ
Director:Wang Xiaoshuai- centered on a boy named Wang Han who loses his white shirt which shows that he is his school's best gymnast. - inspired by the director's own experience as a youth during the cultural revolution
Director:Annemarie Jacir - The film was selected as the Palestinian entry for the Best Foreign Language Oscar at the 85th Academy Awards, and won Best Asian Film at the 63rd Berlin International Film Festival, NETPAC award.
Director:Catriona McKenzie- Pete lives with his grandfather in an old abandoned outdoor cinema in the desert. When the old drive-in is threatened with demolition, ten year old Pete takes off to the city with his best mate Kalmain, to save his home.
Director:Karzan Kader硡Ӿ2ͧ㨨Թҧҡѡԡ仾 superman ҡ˹ѧ鹪㹻 2010 ˹ѧա 2 նѴ
Director:Yoshishige Yoshida Ҿ¹ͧѧͧӡѺ췵Ǿաͧ ˹ѧͺ֧3. 蹡Ѻʧҧⴴ ͧáͧҤǤԴعçͧ Japanese radicalism
Director:Yoshishige Yoshida (Kijo) Ҿ¹ͧӡѺ͡ѡɳ੾е Ҷ֧˭ԧ蹪 ѡѧ ǧ˹ѧõԡ
Director:Jacques DemyҾ¹ͧѧѧ͹ҧ˹ѧͧ͹ͧ ͧŧ㹷ء¤ʹ ҹعçҷءͧ մ蹷2 äThe World of Jacques Demy The Young Girls Turn 25
Director:Jacques Demy ҧҡԷҹѺ ˹ѧشѧ ǡ Catherine Deneuve 㹺˭ԧ ʧ

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