Moon and Cherry (2004)

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In search of extra credit, student Tadokoro (Nagaoka) joins his university''s most obscure extracurricular circle, the erotic writing club. In a cramped room whose four walls are covered floor to ceiling with nudie posters, he encounters a somewhat lifeless gathering of five men around a table, presided by the 56-year-old Sakamoto (veteran Emoto of The Eel and Dr. Akagi fame), who is still enrolled in the school because "being married gives you a discount on tuition."


The club''s sole female member, the spunky Mayama (Eguchi, more about whom in a moment), is also its most talented, already contributing stories to a weekly men''s magazine and getting paid for them to boot. Mayama immediately spots the virgin and takes the newcomer back to her place for a deflowering. No sooner has the cherry popped or she is in front of her computer to incorporate the experience in the latest instalment of her serialised fiction about the adventures of a 14-year-old virginal boy and the lady who educates him in the ways of the woman. Tadokoro quickly becomes Mayama''s case study and model for the ongoing plot, but he realises he wants more from this uncommonly self-assured girl than bouts of skilful sex.