Kid (2012)

Director:Fien Troch Producer:Antonino Lombardo Screenplay by:Fien Troch  Music by:Senjan Jansen

Cinematography:Frank van den Eeden  Edited by:Nico Leunen Running time:92 minutes Country:Belgium , Netherlands, Germany

Language:Dutch Genre:Drama  Subtitle:English  Starring: Bent Simons ... Kid, Gabriela Carrizo ... Mother,
Maarten Meeusen ... Billy
, Rit Ghoos ... Maria, René Jacobs ... Uncle Bob, Sander van Sweevelt ... Misty,
Jasper Van Luyck ... John
, Laurens Vervoort ... Farm Worker, Jo Helsen ... Teacher



ҧ:3 wins & 5 nominations.



Aubagne International Film Festival 2013

Best Score
Best Original Music
Senjan Jansen 
Prime Time 

Film Festival Oostende 2013

Best Film
Fien Troch 
Best Actor
Bent Simons 
Best Editor
Nico Leunen 

Ghent International Film Festival 2012

Special Mention
Fien Troch (director) 

Magritte Awards, Belgium 2014

Magritte Award
Best Flemish Co-Production (Meilleur film flamand en coproduction)
Fien Troch (director) 
Co-produced by Versus Production
Magritte Award
Best Script (Meilleur scénario original ou adaptation)
Fien Troch 
Most Promising Actor (Meilleur espoir masculin)
Bent Simons 

A seven-year-old child, his brother Billy and their depressed mother live on a farm. Then something painful happens to the family and the kids are left to live by themselves.

Kid is a 2012 drama film. It was written and directed by Fien Troch, produced by Antonino Lombardo, and starred Bent Simons, Gabriela Carrizo and Maarten Meeusen.

The film tells the story of Kid, a seven-year-old boy who lives with his mother and his older brother Billy on a farm outside a small town. Abandoned by their father, they have had to fend for themselves. Their finances are in ruins and the two boys have to move with their uncle and aunt.

Kid had its world premiere on October 12, 2012 at the Flanders International Film Festival Ghent. It has received high praise from film critics and won various awards from numerous film organizations and festivals. Kid received the André Cavens Award for Best Film by the Belgian Film Critics Association (UCC). The film had its North American premiere at the AFI Fest on November 2, 2012. It received three nominations at the 4th Magritte Awards, winning Best Flemish Film in Coproduction.

User Reviews:
Fine Observational Motion Picture

22 July 2013 | by Edgar Soberon Torchia (Panama)
I must admit I am a fool for films that deal with children''s problems and dilemmas while growing up, especially contemporary films, in which we spectators can watch, sometimes in awe, how children adapt to societies that have lost almost every ethical value, and how they are prepared to face a violent future, no matter to what social class they belong. Sometimes their problems have to do with sexual orientation and marginality (as "The Blossoming of Máximo Oliveros", from Philippines), absence of mother and her affection ("Kauwboy", from Holland) or political situation in their countries ("Black Bread", from Spain; "The Year My Parents Went on Vacation", from Brazil, and "Clandestine Childhood", from Argentina). "Kid" is a rather different film: it is the case of a very intelligent boy everybody knows as Kid (Bent Simons), whose father has gone, and who lives in a beautiful and big farm, with his kid brother Billy (Maarten Meeusen) and passive mother (Gabriela Carrizo), whom he adores. As Kid goes to school, plays with his rascal friend Misty (a funny character played by little Sander van Sweevelt) and enjoys the countryside, his mother conforms in silence, while she is dispossessed of stock and equipment by creditors, and threatened by criminals for a debt (most probably her husband''s): the possibility of selling the farm, move somewhere else with her children and start a new life is never considered, as we are neither told what her husband did, why he left and why he eventually returns bleeding. Those details are apparently irrelevant to what the film is concerned about. More than finding ways to survive in capitalist societies, recurring to its formulas, "Kid" is more like a portrait of desperate characters, most of them dehumanized and deprived of compassion. Furthermore, it is a revealing display of European people in despair and hopelessness, who have reached a stable economic situation, and face a bleak future. The old folks sing hymns in church, the young are jobless, and the children adapt as they grow and watch. Kid is a silent observer. He takes a radical decision, but it is not a surprising one. "Kid" belongs to the category of observational cinema, so if you are looking for action, formulas or industrially digested and sanitized stories, this motion picture is not for you. If you are open to different cinematic experiences, don''t miss it, watch it.