Bekas (2012)

Director:Karzan Kader Producer:Sandra Harms Story by: Screenplay by:Karzan Kader  Music by:Juhana Lehtiniemi Cinematography:Johan Holmqvist  Edited by:Michal Leszczylowski, Sebastian Ringler Running time:1h 37min  Country:Sweden, Finland, Iraq Language:Kurdish Genre:Drama Subtitle:English  Starring: Zamand Taha ... Zana, Sarwar Fazil ... Dana,
Diya Mariwan ... Helliya
, Suliman Karim Mohamad ... Baba Shalid, Rahim Hussen ... Mama Hama,
Abdulrahman Mohamad ... Osman
, Shirwan Mohamad ... Jamal




(ԡٻʹٻ˭ ʡ͡պ١ʹٻ) 

ҧ: 2 wins & 3 nominations.



Dubai International Film Festival 2012

People''s Choice Award
Karzan Kader 
Muhr Arab Award
Best Film - Feature
Sandra Harms 

Hong Kong International Film Festival 2013

Karzan Kader 

Stockholm Film Festival 2012

Honorable Mention
Best Directorial Debut
Karzan Kader 

Motivation of the jury: "For telling a beautiful tale of an unbreakable bond and endless hope in ... More

Bronze Horse
Best Film
Karzan Kader 

    Iraq in the early 1990 was a devastating land to survive in. When we think of Iraq, the first thing that tends to pop into our minds is the war and Saddam Hussein. But there is another side too - it is perhaps the most notorious country in the world and it goes by the name Kurdistan. Welcome to BEKAS. This is a story about two homeless brothers (Zana, 7) and (Dana, 10) who live on the edge of survival. In the beginning of the story they catch a glimpse of Superman through a hole in the wall at the local cinema. Zana and Dana decide that they want to go to America and live with Superman. Once they get there he can solve all their problems, make their lives easy and punish everyone that has been mean to them. Zana, the younger brother, starts to make a list of all people he is going to tell Superman to punish. On top of the list is Saddam Hussein. Dana on the other hand makes a concrete plan for what they need to get there; money, passports, transportation and a way to get across the boarder. Unfortunately they have neither of those. But in spite of everything they decide to follow the dream.
- Written by Karzan Kader

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