The Book of Revelation (2006)



ӡѺ: Ana Kokkinos
ҧ: Al Clark
¹: Ana Kokkinos, Andrew Bovell

оѹ: Rupert Thomson
ѡʴTom Long, Greta Scacchi, Colin Friels, Deborah Mailman, Zoe Coyle
: Cezary Skubiszewski
Ҿ: Tristan Milani
Ѵ: Martin Connor
: 119 min
: Australia
: English

: Drama | Mystery | Romance | Thriller

Subtitle: English

      Դâͼ˭ԧ˹ҡҡ3 ͡ѹѡҵ dancer˹ٻ ҡѡѧ ,ѺТ׹ ŧҹáӡѺͧӡѺ˭ԧ觷½ҡ Head On ˹ѧ1998

A male dancer is abducted and sexually abused for 12 days by three masked women. A crime boss murders his rivals, cavorts with semi-naked schoolgirls and dabbles in drugs as his power grows. High school students deal with incest, bulimia and other traumas before one commits suicide.


The Book of Revelation
Review by Margaret Pomeranz


THE BOOK OF REVELATION was always going to be tricky to adapt to the screen but the challenge was seized by the intrepid Ana Kokkinos who’s no stranger to provocative material as we saw with HEAD ON.

THE BOOK OF REVELATION is about a dancer Daniel, played by
TOM LONG, who is suddenly, mysteriously abducted by three cloaked and masked women.
After being sexually abused and humiliated by the women, Daniel returns to the world a damaged man. Unable to connect to his girlfriend, fellow dancer Bridget, (ANNA TORV) or to his mentor Isabel, (GRETA SCHACCHI), he sets out to track down the women responsible for his downfall.

This film, with its fascinating premise, is part-thriller, part-dreamscape.
It’s about a man losing something vital in himself and his search to recover it - a reflection of the experience of all victims of abuse.

Tom Long gives a very credible performance as a dancer under the tutelage of
Meryl Tankard who also choreographed.

All the performances are solid, including Deborah Mailman as the woman who will help Daniel connect with life again.

This was a brave and challenging project for Ana Kokkinos, who co-wrote the adaptation with Andrew Bovell.

I would have wished for just a little more grounding in reality in the look of the film, the power of the story comes from our ability to believe totally in Daniel’s journey, not as a dream, although that may be your ultimate interpretation.

But without a doubt this is another powerful and impressive Australian film.




Australian Film Institute
Year Result Award Category/Recipient(s)
2006 Nominated AFI Award Best Costume Design
Anna Borghesi

Best Original Music Score
Cezary Skubiszewski

Best Screenplay - Adapted
Ana Kokkinos
Andrew Bovell

Film Critics Circle of Australia Awards
Year Result Award Category/Recipient(s)
2006 Won FCCA Award Best Music Score
Cezary Skubiszewski

Nominated FCCA Award Best Actor in a Supporting Role
Colin Friels

Best Cinematography
Tristan Milani

Best Editing
Martin Connor

Best Screenplay - Adapted
Andrew Bovell