Brooklyn Bizarre (2015)

Director:Étienne Faure Producer:Étienne Faure, Stephane Gizard, Alexis Vb Screenplay by:Étienne Faure, Ray De Leon (translation)  Cinematography:Pavle Savic Edited by:Étienne Faure Running time:1h 38min Country:France Language:English Genre:Drama, Musical, Romance  Subtitle:English  Starring: Pierre Prieur ... Maurice, Adrian James ... Luka,
Raquel Nave ... Kim
, Rebekah Underhill ... Betty, Charlie Himmelstein ... Charlie,




Music Video Soundtrack:


Pierre Prieur ѡʴӢͧͧ١¨ٺ


Maurice is a French teenager who escaped France and begins working at a hype club in Brooklyn called BIZARRE. He quickly becomes a sort of ''mascot'' of this incredible club.The owner and the artists that perform there love him, but Maurice can''t love...because of the past...and his secrets.

Brooklyne Bizarre is an orginal drama written and directed by Étienne Faure. Maurice is a french boy of 18 years old. He just landed in New York and recently found a place in a bizarre club, a trendy and underground bar situated in Brooklyn. He is living there with the owner and her friend, with two beautiull girls who are trying to seduce him. His new space is full of strangeness, sexual intercourses and fantasies. Kim and Betty will introduce the young man to the night world and made him become an object of desire. But Maurice seem distant and shy, nobody understand that he have an unmentionable secrets untill he met Luka, an androgynous server that is working at the bar. The two guys will try to build something together but Maurice have a lunatic character that make him unpredictable and fragile. This film is very good in the art of teasing, it is a more long gay themed dream than a love story. Do not be fooled by the trailer or the posters, there isn’t any love triangle involving women in this piece. Maurice and Luka are portrayed by Pierre Prieur and Adrian James.

An eccentric, unconventional fable, Brooklyn Bizarre follows Maurice, an 18 year old boy from France with a dark past. Having just arrived in Brooklyn, New York, he has no friends and no place to stay. On a chance encounter, he is taken in by two beautiful girls, Kim and Betty. Maurice is given room and board and a job at their famous underground club, the Bizarre, where he begins to form a whole new family. In this ephemeral refuge of fantasy and freedom, he begins a disturbing relationship with a male bartender, Luka, who becomes obsessed with Maurice, and also harbors some secrets of his own. But Maurice''s past catches up to him, and the liberating world he has become a part of begins to fall apart. When a mysterious older man shows up one evening at the club, it becomes clear that Maurice needs to disappear ....at all costs. A sexy and disturbing tale of opening your door to a beautiful stranger.