Ballet Boys (2014)

Director:Kenneth Elvebakk Producer:Carsten Aanonsen Screenplay by:Kennet Elvebakk  Music by:Henrik Skram Cinematography:Torstein Nodland   Edited by:Christoffer Heie Running time:75 min Country:Norway Language:Norwegian Genre:Documentary, Sport   Subtitle:English  Starring:  Lukas Bjørneboe Brændsrød, Syvert Lorenz Garcia, Torgeir Lund



ҧ:3 wins & 4 nominations.



Chicago International Children''s Film Festival 2014

2nd place
Children''s Jury Award
Documentary Feature Film
Kenneth Elvebakk (director) 
Carsten Aanonsen (producer) 
Indie Film as (production company) 

Golden Screen, Norway 2015

Golden Screen
Best Original Music
Henrik Skram (composer) 

International Film Music Critics Award (IFMCA) 2014

Best Original Score for a Documentary
Henrik Skram 

Montréal International Festival of Films on Art 2015

Best Reportage
Kenneth Elvebakk 
Indie Film as 

Munich International Documentary Festival 2014

SOS-Kinderdörfer Award
Kenneth Elvebakk 

Oulu International Children''s Film Festival 2014

For Tomorrow Award
Kenneth Elvebakk (director) 
Carsten Aanonsen (producer) 
Indie Film as (production company) 

São Paulo International Film Festival 2014

International Jury Award
Best Documentary
Kenneth Elvebakk 


Ballet Boys takes you through disappointments, victories, forging of friendship, first loves, doubt, faith, growing apart from each other, finding your own way and own ambitions, all mixed with the beautiful expression of ballet.

Ballet Boys (Ballettguttene / Dancers / 芭蕾夢 / Ballettstrakar / バレエ・ボーイズ / Balettipojat / Балетные Мальчики / Balettpojkarna / Οι μπαλαρίνοι ) is a 2014 Norwegian documentary directed by Kenneth Elvebakk and produced by Indie Film in Oslo. The film is available in both for cinema (75 min) and television (59 min.).

Lukas Bjørneboe Brændsrød, Syvert Lorenz Garcia and Torgeir Lund are experiencing important first years of their ballet careers. They have to deal with pressure from parents and teachers as well as facing challenges in their first international ballet competitions in France and Sweden. To secure their career, succeeding in the audition for the Norwegian Ballet Academy, is of most importance. Out of the blue, Lukas is invited to the final audition at the Royal Ballet School in London. This is his opportunity of a lifetime. During the course of four years we see the boys become young men, and friends separate.

The music in Ballet Boys is composed by Henrik Skram and performed by F.A.M.E.''S project, Macedonian Radio Symphonic Orchestra. The modern music is composed by Goran Obad. Ballet Boys is edited by Christoffer Heie, photographers are Torstein Nodland, Svend Even Hærra and Kenneth Elvebakk, sound mix by Bernt Syversen. The film poster is made by Daniel Barradas and photo by Jörg Wiesner. Ballet Boys had its theatrichal release in England in September 2014. Wide House is the films sales agent worldwide.

Awards and nominations[edit]
Winner of Best Youth Film (For Tomorrow award), Oulu International Children''s and Youth Film Festival
Winner of the Audience Award, Tromsø International Children''s Film Festival
Winner of Best Reportage, The International Festival of Films on Art in Montréal
Winner of Best Original Music at the Norwegian TV Award "Gullruten" (Henrik Skram)
Children''s Jury 2nd Prize Documentary Feature Film, Chicago International Children''s Film Festival
Nominated for Best Original Score for a Documentary by the International Film Music Critics Association Award, IFMCA (Henrik Skram)
Nominated for the Award SOS Kinderdörfer weltweit on DOK.fest in Munich
Official Selection - DOC U Competition - IDFA 2014