Vuelve (2013)

Director:Iván Noel Producer:Iván Noel, Peter Scholz, Paul Sestina Screenplay by:Iván Noel  Music by:Iván Noel  Cinematography:Iván Noel   Edited by:Iván Noel Running time:88 min Country:Argentina Language:Spanish Genre:Thriller  Subtitle:English  Starring: Juan Carrasco ... Monje, Romina Pinto ... Sofia, Renzo Sabelli ... Gabriel,
Guillermo Tassara ... Gregorio
, Leticia Vota ... Debora



A visual incursion into the troubles psyche of a young boy whose unstable and manipulative mother committed suicide in front of him.

Vuelve follows the mental turmoil of a boy, Gabriel, dealing with the sudden and explicit suicide of his unstable mother, to whom he was symbiotically attached. One day she appears before him, and promises that God will give her a new lease of life if he acts out ‘good’ deeds on earth. Starting with seemingly innocuous acts and progressing in both intensity and malice, the boy follows the orders from his mother’s apparition. His compulsive desire to have her back drives the cruelty of his acts to an extent beyond what anyone thought possible.

Vuelve is Ivan Noel''s fourth film. Filmed in Argentina, it is a psychological thriller/horror movie. "The entire film is a visual portrayal of what is often considered to be stages of grief by a youngster: disbelief, sadness, self-guilt (self-harm in some cases), anger, and the need to blame. I added one more ‘chapter’ for a more cinematic take: vengeance."

Vuelve a masterpiece

24 March 2013 | by fmmvhattum (Netherlands)
Mr. Noel has created a new masterpiece, after ''En Tu Ausencia'' and ''Brecha''. Noel is probably the most attention attracting Spanish cinematographer of the present. His movies are subtle, sensitive and both storyline, camera-work and music are astonishing. Astonishing too is the fact that all this,- story, music and camera -, are works of his own hand. Nevertheless his movies are made with an extremely low budget due to both lack of finance and of recognition. I wonder how long it will take before Art-house lovers will realize that there is a new Spanish master in our midst. ''Vuelve'' is highly recommended (and so are his previous films).

Brilliant Film
26 March 2013 | by navy87 (Virginia, United States)
Another masterpiece from Ivan Noel. Beautifully filmed and haunting story that will stay with you long after the closing credits. If you like your movies simple and predictable, this is not the movie for you. But if you are willing to venture outside your comfort zone just a bit and have your senses challenged, you''ll be richly rewarded. What seems to be a simple tale of a family living in an old monastery slowly leads you down a path of breath taking twists and turns. A traumatic event sets a chain of tragic events in motion, leading to a magnificent finale. Renzo Sabelli, the young actor who plays the (aptly named) boy Gabriel puts in an amazing, believable performance for one so young.