Sweet Mud (2006)

Director:Dror Shaul Producer:Makoto Ueda Screenplay by:Dror Shaul  Cinematography:Sebastian Edschmid  

Edited by:Isaac Sehayek Running time:97 mins Country:Israel Language:Hebrew Genre:Drama  Subtitle:English 

Starring:Tomer Steinhof as Dvir, Ronit Yudkevitz as Miri, Shai Avivi as Avraham, Pini Tavger as Eyal, Gal Zaid as Shimshon,
Henri Garcin as Stephan
, Daniel Kitsis as Maya, Idit Tzur as Hanna, Yosef Carmon as Zvi, Sharon Zuckerman as Etty,
Rivka Neumann as Zila
, Ami Weil as Uzi, Hila Ofer as Linda, Omer Berger as Ronen, Natan Sgan-Cohen as Avi




ҧ:8 wins & 7 nominations.



Awards of the Israeli Film Academy 2006

Award of the Israeli Film Academy
Best Picture
Dror Shaul 
Sharon Shamir 
Edgard Tenenbaum 
Philippa Kowarsky 
Tied with 
Aviva Ahuvati (2006).
Best Art Direction
Avishay Avivi 
Best Music
Adi Renart 
Zuf Philosof 
Best Sound
Eli Yarkoni 
Yoav Sarig 
Award of the Israeli Film Academy
Best Actor
Tomer Steinhof 
Best Actress
Ronit Yudkevitz 
Best Director
Dror Shaul 
Best Screenplay
Dror Shaul 
Best Editing
Michal Cohen 
Halil Efrat 
Isaac Sehayek 
Best Costumes
Rona Doron 

Berlin International Film Festival 2007

Crystal Bear
Generation 14plus - Best Feature Film
Dror Shaul 

Jerusalem Film Festival 2006

Wolgin Award
Best Israeli Feature
Dror Shaul 

Miami Film Festival 2007

Audience Award
World Dramatic Feature Competition
Dror Shaul 

Motovun Film Festival 2007

Propeller of Motovun
Dror Shaul 

Sundance Film Festival 2007

Grand Jury Prize
World Cinema - Dramatic
Dror Shaul 



"An appealing coming-of-age tale that takes on the difficult issues of mental illness and conformity."

"This is a film from the heart, from a firsthand familiarity that yields conflicted emotions

over the gap between an ideal and its realization."

"Sad, sweet and tragic."
Jim Slotek, JAM! MOVIES

"Subtly directed and flawlessly acted, Sweet Mud packs a genuine punch."
Shlomo Schwartzberg, BOX OFFICE MAGAZINE

Sweet Mud (Hebrew: אדמה משוגעת) is a 2006 Israeli satirical drama film written and directed by Dror Shaul. The semi-autobiographical film was shot on the kibbutzim of Ruhama and Nir Eliyahu, and draws on Shaul''s memories of growing up on a kibbutz with his mentally unstable and widowed mother.

Set in 1974, Dvir (Tomer Steinhof) is soon to turn 13 and lives with his mother Miri (Ronit Yudkevitz) at a progressive kibbutz populated by people who take pride in their open-minded attitudes. However, they''re not so easygoing when it comes to Miri; she''s been sent to a mental hospital more than once, and her instability is more than most of the residents want to deal with, leaving Dvir to look after his mother with the help of his older brother Eyal (Pini Tavger). Miri persuades her Swiss boyfriend Stephan (Henri Garcin) to join her at the kibbutz, even though he isn''t Jewish, but he isn''t welcomed by other residents, and an unpleasant incident involving a neighbor''s dog turns the couple into outcasts. In the midst of all this, Dvir is trying to prepare for his bar mitzvah, which at the kibbutz is combined with a severe regimen of survival training; he also gets a crash course in his ongoing maturity when he develops a crush on Maya (Daniel Kitsis), a cute girl his age.

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