Tender Waves (2013)

Director:Jirí Vejdelek  Producer:Tomás Hoffman Screenplay by:Jirí Vejdelek Cinematography:Vladimír Smutný

Running time:96 min  Country:Czech Republic Language:Czech Genre:Comedy, Romance   Subtitle:English 

Starring: Tatiana Pauhofová ... Johanka (as Tána Pauhofová), Hynek Cermák ... Jan, Robert Cejnar ... Vojta Hrdlicka,
Lucie Steflová ... Ela
, Jan Marsál ... Vojta 12 year old, Gabriel Barreto de Carvalho ... Vojta 5 year old,
Natálie Halouzková ... Ela 12 year old
, Jan Hartl ... doctor Lipský, Vojtech Dyk ... Ales




ŧСͺ : Vojtěch Dyk ǧ Nightwork





Czech Lions 2015

Czech Lion

Best Actress (Zenský herecký výkon v hlavní roli)
Tatiana Pauhofová 

Best Make-up
Jirina Pahlerova 


The congenial Vojta is bashful and his family is batty. His short-tempered father, who once failed to swim the English Channel, wants him to be a competing swimmer and his loving mother, a former child ice revue star, sees a talented pianist in her son. But Vojta has completely different priorities - most of all his red-haired classmate Ela, an enchanting synchronized swimmer who is leaving for Paris in November. If Vojta doesn''t do something radical, and fast, Ela will disappear behind the Iron Curtain forever. The year is 1989.