Bellas Mariposas (2012)

Director:Salvatore Mereu Producer:Salvatore Mereu, Elisabetta Soddu Story by:Sergio Atzeni(novel)

Screenplay by:Salvatore Mereu Cinematography:Massimo Foletti  Edited by:Paola Freddi Running time:100 min 

Country:Italy Language:Italian, Sardinian Genre:Drama  Subtitle:English  Starring: Sara Podda ... Cate, Maya Mulas ... Luna,
Davide Todde ... Gigi
, Micaela Ramazzotti ... La Coga Aleni, Luciano Curreli ... Padre di Cate, Maria Loi ... Madre di Cate,
Rosalba Piras ... Signora Sias
, Simone Paris ... Tonio, Anna Karina Dyatlyk ... Samantha, Giulia Coni ... Luisella,

Silvia Coni ... Mandarina, Carlo Molinari ... Signor Federico, Enrico Sanna ... Fisino, Luca Sanna ... Ricciotti,
Gianluca Lai ... Massimo
, Roberto Voce ... Alex, Lulli Lostia ... Signora Nioi, Theatre en Vol




Special Features:
- ''Falena'' documentary (18:49, in Italian only)
- Photogallery
- Trailers




รางวัล:7 wins & 1 nomination.



BIFEST - Bari International Film Festival 2013

Italian Competition Award
Best Screenplay
Salvatore Mereu 
Best Actress
Maya Mulas 
Sara Podda 
Best Cinematography
Massimo Foletti 

Bastia Italian Film Festival 2014

Grand Jury Prize
Salvatore Mereu 

Rotterdam International Film Festival 2013

Big Screen Award
Salvatore Mereu 

Representing the audience, we felt the duty to watch out for a refreshing movie. One that would be ... More


Venice Film Festival 2012

Bisato d''Oro
Best Film
Salvatore Mereu 
FEDIC Award - Honorable Mention
Salvatore Mereu 
Venice Horizons Award
Best Film
Salvatore Mereu 

A day in the life of 12-year-old Caterina who, from the slums of the Sardinian capital Cagliari, spreads her optimistic view of the world on the large-scale wrongs she sees around her. Committed and moving, cheerful and sad, colourful and contrasting. Winner The Big Screen Award 2013.

Caterina (11) lives in a sombre, poverty-stricken neighbourhood of Cagliari, capital of Sardinia. She has a tyrannical father and a horde of brothers and sisters, most of whom are up to no good. And yet the girl is in a good mood. She talks openly - occasionally straight into the camera - about her love for Gigi, the boy next door, and her bond with her best friend Luna.
Pretty Butterflies, based on a story by Sergio Atzeni, follows a day in Caterina''s life: the day on which she fears for Gigi because her brother Tonio has just threatened to kill him, and discovers that Gigi is in love with the local slut.
But it is also the day when Caterina and Luna go to the beach, eats lots of ice cream, giggle and swim. In the best Italian tradition of films like Brutti, sporchi e cattivi and the recent Gomorrah, Salvatore Mereu shows poverty and misery, but thanks to Caterina''s gaze, the film is also a contemporary version of Zazie dans le métro - filled with youthful recklessness and unruffled optimism.