Diary of a Nymphomaniac(2008)

Director:Christian Molina Producer:Mariví de Villanueva Story by:Valérie Tasso (novel) , Carlos Fernández, Julio Fernández

Screenplay by:Cuca Canals  Music by:Roque Baños Cinematography:Javier Salmones  Edited by:Luis de la Madrid Running time:102 min Country:Spain Language:Spanish Genre:Drama, Romance Subtitle:English  Starring: Belén Fabra as Val,
Leonardo Sbaraglia as Jaime
, Ángela Molina as Cristina, Llum Barrera as Sonia,
, Mariano Marín

Antonio Garrido, Geraldine Chaplin as Abuela (Grandmother)






Gaudí Awards 2009

Gaudí Award
Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role (Millor Interpretació Femenina Principal)
Belén Fabra 
Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role (Millor interpretació femenina secundària)
Llum Barrera 
Best Film Editing (Millor Muntatge)
Luis de la Madrid 

Diario de una Ninfómana (Diary of a Nymphomaniac) is a 2008 Spanish erotic drama directed by Christian Molina and starring Belén Fabra and Leonardo Sbaraglia. It is based on Insatiable - The Sexual Adventures of a French Girl in Spain, the best-selling memoir of French author Valérie Tasso. It is unrelated to the French erotic drama Le journal intime d''une nymphomane ("The intimate diary of a nymphomaniac"). In the United States and the United Kingdom the film was released under the title Insatiable – Diary of a Sex Addict.

Val, a young, middle-class woman with a strong desire for sex, finds herself destitute after an abusive boyfriend runs off with all her money, and begins to earn a living as a high-class call girl but finds herself enjoying this life more than she could have hoped – or feared.

In Barcelona, Valére is very attached to her French grandmother Marie Tasso and likes to stay with her. While discussing sex with Val, Marie advises her that it would be important to jot her life experience down and Val decides to write a diary. Val recalls her promiscuous love life and her lovers since her first sexual experience when she was 15-years-old. When Val loses her job in a downsizing, she is simultaneously informed that Marie had a heart attack and she visits her granny one last time who dies. Val looks for a job and when she is interviewed by an executive called Jaime, she falls in love for the first time. However Jaime is not good in bed. They move in together to a magnificent apartment and Val believes she has found the man of her life. Val gets a job with a gay Italian called Harry at a fashion house but Jaime becomes jealous and changes his behavior. Val decides to leave Jaime when she gets pregnant and he does not recognize the baby as his own.

The movie received mixed reviews. Jay Seaver of eFilmCritic.com wrote: "...while I still think it hangs around those [art-porn] stereotypes enough to be somewhat hurt by them, I did find the film improving in my mind as I reflected on it".

Nathan Southern wrote for TV Guide: "Though competently acted, well scored, and lushly photographed...Christian Molina’s...erotic drama...represents an ugly and pretentious blight on the face of its chosen subgenre".

Jonathan Henderson of Cinelogue stated: "[T]he film...in its heavy-handed crudeness...plays out like a typical, manipulative melodrama. ...Another element that plagues the film is its unrealistic depictions of misogynistic men. [It] is marked by an overtly formulaic script, which too neatly follows the three-act structure with a pattern of introduction, elation, conflict, descent and recovery. The film’s pacing problems are exacerbated by a profusion of abbreviated, deficient scenes which interrupt the flow of the narrative. [Belén] Fabra’s performance during [her] emotional scenes is nearly strong enough to make me forget about the manipulative mawkishness behind them".