Fin dete (1999)
 (บรรยาย Belle)

Director:Arnaud Larrieu, Jean-Marie Larrieu Producer:Freddy Denaës Screenplay by:Arnaud Larrieu, Jean-Marie Larrieu  Cinematography:Catherine Pujol Edited by:Annette Dutertre  Running time:68 min Country:France Language:French

Genre:Drama, Art-house  Subtitle:English/  Starring:Philippe Suner ... Edouard, Pia Camilla Copper ... Diane,

Marie Henriau ... Geneviève, Pierre Maguelon ... Roger, Gilbert Suberroque ... Gilbert,

Mireille Herbstmeyer ... Mme le maire, Jocelyne Desverchère ... Géraldine


Edouard, unemployed computer technician, invites Diana, a young student from England, to spend a weekend in the Noire Mountain. At dusk, they arrive at Gilberts place. A former 60s activist who lives in the forest, Gilbert has decided to drop everything and to offer Edouard his house. Edouard accepts the offer, tries to convince Diana to stay, and discovers that, perhaps, Gilbert is his father