Keep Cool (1997)
 (บรรยาย մ)  

Director:Zhang Yimou Producer:Wang Qipeng, Wang Wei, Zhang Weiping, Qu Ying Screenplay by:Shu Ping Music by:Zang Tianshuo Cinematography:Lü Yue Edited by:Du Yuan Running time:93 min Country:China Language:Mandarin Genre:Comedy 

Subtitle:English/  Starring: Li Baotian, Jiang Wen, Ge You




รางวัล: 1 win & 2 nominations.



AFI Fest 1997

Grand Jury Prize
Yimou Zhang 

Hundred Flowers Awards 1998

Hundred Flowers Award
Best Supporting Actor
Baotian Li 

Venice Film Festival 1997

Golden Lion
Yimou Zhang 

Keep Cool (simplified Chinese: 有话好好说; traditional Chinese: 有話好好說; pinyin: Yǒu Hùa Hǎo Hǎo Shūo; literally: "If you have something to say, say it nicely") is a 1997 Chinese black comedy directed by Zhang Yimou and adapted from the novel Evening Papers News by Shu Ping. The film about a bookseller in love in 1990s Beijing, marked a move away from earlier period pictures of Zhang''s earlier work to a more realistic Cinéma vérité-like period in his career that also saw him make Happy Times (2000) and Not One Less (1999). Keep Cool also marked only the second time Zhang placed his film in the modern era and the first time Zhang did not work with actress Gong Li.

The film was produced by the Guangxi Film Studio.

Jiang Wen; Jiang Wen, one of China''s most famous actors and directors, takes a leading role in Keep Cool (his second time working with Zhang Yimou). Zhang referred to the actor as "the best actor in China today, and intelligent. I saw the movie he made [In the Heat of the Sun] and took a video back to my hometown for my parents. We all laughed."
Li Baotian as Lao Zhang; Li Baotian, one of Zhang''s regular actors (Ju Dou, Shanghai Triad), again provides a pivotal performance for Keep Cool.
Ge You as The Policeman; Ge You, a comedic actor, has a cameo in the film.
Qu Ying as An Hong; Zhang Yimou selected the model Qu Ying for the only female role in the film.
Zhao Benshan as Junk Peddlar No. 3

A spurned lover seeks a rich man for revenge. A random onlooker -- who witnessed the public assault committed by the rich man against the lover -- seeks for monetary compensation for his smashed computer. The lover''s and the onlooker''s lives intertwine as two people collaborate. The onlooker''s fate faces an unpredictable turn and mirrors the lover''s life.

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