Mondo Cannibale (1980)

Director:Jess Franco Producer:Daniel Lesoeur,Marius Lesoeur, Franco Prosperi Screenplay by:Jess Franco, Jean Rollin(uncredited)  Music by:Roberto Pregadio Cinematography:Luis Colombo, Juan Soler  Edited by:Roland Grillon, Antonio Hermand

Running time:90 min  Country:Spain, Italy, France Language:English Genre:Horror  Subtitle:None 

Starring: Al Cliver ... Jeremy Taylor, Sabrina Siani ... Lana, Yerome Foulon ... Safari member,

Lina Romay ... Ana (as Candy Coster), Shirley Knight ... Barbara Shelton, Anouchka ... Lana as a child,

Antonio Mayans ... Yakaké, Olivier Mathot ... Charles Fenton, Jesús Franco ... Mr. Martin (uncredited)



A man who lost an arm and his family to a tribe of cannibals returns ten years later to bring back his teenager daughter, only to find that she grew up into a beautiful blonde woman who became the cannibals'' queen.


Doctor Taylor, his wife Elizabeth and their teenage daughter Lana go to an isolated hospital in the Brazilean jungle, close to the Amazon river; they are attacked by savages and he sees them kill and eat his wife, and abduct the girl. Taylor manages to get back to civilization, but he needs psychiatric help; only Doctor Ana believes his story about cannibals, and takes the risk of going with him and a few rich people who can pay for a safari in the remote jungle. The cannibals decimate a number of the safari members in a succession of attacks, and only Taylor, the sexy lady doctor, and a photograph, rich the cannibal tribe - only to discover that she is now the wife of the tribe leader, and considered a goddess. The tribe has adopted her as a white goddess.

Special Features:
- Franco Holocaust: Interview with writer/director Jess Franco (19:33, in English w/o subs)
- French trailer

Professor Taylor (Al Cliver) against his best judgment takes his wife and daughter and his expedition into the remote Amazon jungles. While in the jungle one evening a tribe of cannibals ambush Professor Taylors boat where they eat his wife and take him back to the rest of the tribe for an afternoon snack. The tribe of Cannibals become preoccupied when they discover Professor Taylors daughter Lana and during the chaos of her arrival Taylor minus one arm narrowly escapes with his life. Years later after seeking psychiatric help Taylor feels well enough to make a second trip into the Amazon to rescue the daughter he left behind.

Through the years Cannibals has gone through a series of different and yet oddly similar names like Barbarian Goddess, Mondo Cannibale and White Cannibal Queen. The film was made during the big Italian Cannibal genre boom of the early 1980s when French producer Marius Lesoeur approached exploitation guru Jess Franco about putting his own spin on this latest cinema fad.

The film features in the lead role Al Cliver who most Euro-Cult will recognize from Lucio Fulcis Zombie 2. Cliver and Franco would team up once again after Cannibals with the 1980 film The Devil Hunter. I may be in the minority but I have never cared for Al Cliver as an actor and he does nothing extraordinary in Cannibals outside of filling space. Also the FX on this one are so cheap that in many scenes you can see Al Clivers arm which was cut off early on in the film. The severed arm is not hidden very well and is often exposed.