Lorna the Exorcist (1974)

Director:Jess Franco Producer:Robert de Nesle Screenplay by:Jesús Franco, Nicole Guettard, Robert de Nesle  

Music by:André Bénichou, Robert de Nesle Cinematography:Étienne Rosenfeld  Edited by:Gérard Kikoïne Running time:01:39:29 

Country:France Language:French Genre:Horror, Exploitation  Subtitle:English  Starring: Pamela Stanford ... Lorna Green,
Guy Delorme ... Patrick Mariel
, Lina Romay ... Linda Mariel,  Jacqueline Laurent ... Marianne Mariel, Richard Bigotini ... Hotel Porter,
Catherine Lafferière ... Mad woman
, Howard Vernon ... Maurizius, Lorna''s butler



Patrick, a rich businessman, celebrates his daughter Linda''s 18th birthday by taking her and his wife to a famous casino resort in the south of France, where, 20 years earlier, he had won the money that enabled him to start his business and begin his rise to the top. At the casino he meets the beautiful and mysterious Lorna, whom he first encountered that night 20 years ago. She reminds him that he made a promise to her back then. She is the power behind his success and now she has returned to claim her reward - his daughter, Linda. A masterpiece of transgressive horror from Jess Franco.

It''s all about crabs...

31 March 2011 | by matheusmarchetti (Brazil)

No, this is not another European cash-in on "The Exorcist", unlike what it''s title may suggest. It is, however, the most disturbing and shocking Jess Franco film I''ve seen. Hell, it is one of the most disturbing horrors I''ve seen, which is surprising considering this is a virtually bloodless film. It''s horror relies, instead, in it''s totally demented instances of psychosexual hysteria that can also be found in works such as "Possession" or "Dr. Jekyll and his Women". Franco haters tend to dismiss his work as amateurish and crude, and this criticism can be applied, in a way, to this film in particular. However, in this case, it works in favor of the film, coming across as making it''s raw, gritty atmosphere all the more authentic. André Bénichou''s haunting, experimental score also adds a lot to it. And for those who think Lina Romay has little to do in the director''s works other than having to masturbate in close-ups, her performance here is a truly stunning tour-de-force that has to be seen to be believed, up there with other portrayals of sexually frustrated women in horror films, such as Catherine Denueve in "Repulsion" or Mimsy Farmer in "The Perfume of the Lady in Black". Her sex scenes with the equally bewildering Pamela Stanford (the titular villain), though graphic, are anything but sexy, and her final, extended "intimate" sequence is bound to make your jaw drop to the floor, not only because of what is shown, but also because of it''s context. And that''s not even the film''s most shocking bit to begin with (anyone who''s seen the film know about THE particular scene I''m referring to, and I dare not spoil it for those who haven''t seen it). "Lorna the Exorcist" seems to have some kind of popularity with Franco haters, so I beg you to give it a shot. Even if you don''t like it at all, one can''t deny it will haunt you for days to follow.

Special Features:
- Brand New Anamorphic Transfer from Negative
- Interview with Director Gerard Kikoine
- Interview with Writer Stephen Thrower
- Deleted and Extended Scenes
- Mondo Macabro Previews