The Last Match (2013)

Director:Antonio Hens Producer:Antonio Hens Screenplay by:Abel González Melo, Antonio Hens  

Running time:94 min. Country:Cuba, Spain Language:Spanish  Genre: Drama, Romance  

Subtitle:  Starring: Milton García ... Yosvani, Reinier Díaz ... Reinier, Jenifer Rodríguez ... Lludimila,
Beatriz Méndez ... Gema, Mirta Ibarra ... Teresa, Luis Alberto García ... Silvano, Toni Cantó ... Juan









São Paulo International Film Festival 2013

International Jury Award
Best Feature Film
Antonio Hens 



In this romantic and sexually-charged drama from writer/director Antonio Hens (Clandestinos) Reiner and Yosvani are best friends and soccer mates. In order to support his mother, wife and baby, Reiner prostitutes himself to older male foreigners while the shy Yosvani is reluctantly engaged to a girl and lives with her bombastic loan shark father. Sharing a kiss at a nightclub, the two men succumb to their desires, followed by a a lusty roof top encounter where they quickly fall hard for one another. But as their love intensifies, the challenge is not with them but with the unforgiving outside world they exist in a world they so desperately want to escape from.

User Reviews

The usual gay film drama, but this time set in Cuba

30 April 2014 | by euroGary (United Kingdom)
I did tick the ''spoilers'' box, but it doesn''t seem to be showing, so: Spoilers apply!

I don''t know what the legal status of homosexuality is in Cuba, but ''La Partida'' is set in Havana and tells the tale of Reinier, a young father who pays for his taste in new clothes by turning tricks on the seafront at night. By day he plays football on some waste ground with a bunch of mates. One of those mates is Yosvani, who makes his living by working in the import business run by his fiancée''s thuggish father. A drunken kiss from Reinier one night confuses Yosvani - he''s repelled by the excesses of the seafront rent boys, but is unable to resist starting an affair with Reinier.

The friend who watched this film with me pointed out that gay dramas often end with one of the protagonists dying - and so it is here, with one of our boys not alive as the end credits roll. For many film-makers, it seems, the only way for a gay romance to end is fatally! But apart from that this is an engrossing film: not so much for the romance, which follows predictable film lines, but because of the fact it is set in Cuba: how accurate is its portrayal of poverty there I am not qualified to judge, but given the self-imposed Castro regime isn''t brave enough to allow free and fair elections I suspect it''s fairly accurate. As for the acting, the two young leads do not disgrace themselves: Milton García as Yosvani is especially good in portraying the journey from macho tough guy to bewildered dumped lover. So this is definitely worth watching, at least once.