Adore (2013)

Director:Anne Fontaine Producer:Philippe Carcassonne, Michel Feller, Barbara Gibbs

Story:Based on The Grandmothers by Doris Lessing  Screenplay by:Christopher Hampton  Running time:111 minutes 

Country:Australia, France Language:English Genre: drama Subtitle:English  Starring: Naomi Watts as Lil, Robin Wright as Roz,

Ben Mendelsohn as Harold, Xavier Samuel as Ian, James Frecheville as Tom,Jessica Tovey as Mary,

Sophie Lowe as Hannah, Gary Sweet as Saul






Australian Film Institute 2014

Best Adapted Screenplay
Christopher Hampton 
Best Production Design
Annie Beauchamp 
Best Costume Design
Joanna Mae Park 
Best Lead Actress
Naomi Watts 


Film Critics Circle of Australia Awards 2014

FCCA Award
Best Actress
Naomi Watts 

Adore (also known as Adoration; previously known as Two Mothers and Perfect Mothers) is a 2013 Australian-French drama film directed by Anne Fontaine. The film is based on a novella by British writer Doris Lessing called The Grandmothers.
The original title of the film was Two Mothers and it premiered at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival under this title.


In New South Wales, two young girls, Roz and Lil grow up in a town. Roz and Lil have been best friends from the time they were very young. Years later, both are well into adulthood, Lil''s husband Theo, dies in a car accident and she is left to raise her young son, Ian, alone. Roz is married to a drama professor, Harold. Harold and Roz have a young son together, Tom. Roz and Lil, and to a minor extent Harold encourage the friendship that already exists between their sons to become deeper. Roz, in a way, steps up to the plate and becomes almost something of a 2nd mother to Ian. Her friendship with Lil deepens to that of sisterhood. Lil, Roz, Harold, Ian, and Tom live near the beach.

Years later Tom and Ian are about 19 to 20 years old and they are still close. Harold applies for and is offered a job in Sydney without telling Roz. It becomes obvious that while Roz''s friendship with Lil has deepened over the years Harold and Roz have grown apart. He expects Roz to move to Sydney with him, however, she hesitates. Despite himself, Ian becomes seriously attracted to Roz. One night he looks at her and it is obvious that his feelings toward her have changed. Ian starts making, slow and mildly casual advances towards Roz, like just looking into her eyes briefly, but potently. Roz, despite herself, starts flirting back in the same manner. Saul, a man who has been after Lil for a long time, gets blown off by her again. One night Ian, Tom, Roz, and Lil are having dinner together. Roz and Ian flirt and watch Lil and Tom dance together. That night Tom has a little too much to drink. Ian goes back to the main house, where there is a guestroom that is basically Ian''s room every time he stays over. Ian kisses Roz, and although she is hesitant the two of them end up going to his room together.