E-love (2011)

Director:Anne Villacèque  Writter:Anne Villacèque (screenplay),Sophie Fillières (screenplay), Dominique Baqué (novel)  

Running time:97 min  Country:France  Language:French  Genre:Drama Subtitle: English 

 Starring:Anne Consigny Anne Consigny ... Paule Zachmann,Carlo Brandt Carlo Brandt ... Opale,

Antoine Chappey Antoine Chappey ... Alex, Carole Franck Carole Franck ... Rachel,Rebecca Marder Rebecca Marder ... Nina


The dating game
Author: jotix100


aule Zackmann introduces this story by telling us, the audience, her hatred for the thick glasses she wore during her youth. Now, a philosophy professor, with a husband and a fifteen years old daughter, she is seen with her family at a deserted beach. Paule is surprised by Alex, her husband, taking off his shorts, getting in the water naked, something that nobody else cares. We notice clouds are hovering in Paule''s horizon.

Alex, the husband, is the first one to admit of not being happy with his situation. He wants a break to think about the marriage. It is a mere excuse because he is already involved with a twenty-something woman. Meeting Alex and Capucine together is shocking to Paule, whose life begins to unravel right in front of her eyes. With the help of her lesbian sister, Rachel, she decides to join an internet dating site. She calls herself Antigone.

Since Paule will be alone for the summer, with her daughter away in a youth camp, she decides to begin dating men she had picked from prospective candidates. Invariably, the dating is a mere excuse for a sexual encounter. Paule, who has been sexually deprived, embarks in a dangerous journey in bedding different men. It is only Opale, the man she finds sexual fulfillment for the first time, but she is not prepared for what he really has in mind for her. At the end of the story, Paule finds herself alone, somewhat jaded from her recent experiences although the last sequence at a movie theater seems to give us a hint that she finally figured out her life.

An erotically charged film, written by the director, Anne Villaceque and Sophie Fillieres, based on a novel by Dominique Baque. This is clearly a feminist view of Paule, a woman turning fifty and her last chance at finding love again. Life has not been kind to Paule, so she must go to get what is robbed from her. Her way to deal with the problem is meeting men, but going the wrong way to do it. The men who enter her life are in for the sex. What''s more, Paule refuses to enter any relationship that might be deemed normal. She prefers the kinky side these men bring to her just for the fun of it.

An amazing performance by Anne Consigny is what Ms. Villaceque needed to make the film work. Ms. Consigny does not disappoint. She gives Paule her due in surprising ways, under the guidance of the director. The actress makes a courageous appearance since the role demands quite a lot of her in order to make the narrative feel real. Ms. Consigny is not afraid of what was asked from her, delivering a wonderful appearance in the film. Antoine Chappey is seen as Alex. Carlo Brandt does also amazing work as Opale. Carole Frank plays Rachel.

Pierre Milon is the cinematographer who gets the right atmosphere for the film basically shot in Paris. Ms. Villaceque and Ms. Consigny prove they are a winning combination.


ҧ:1 win

Luchon International Film Festival
Year Result Award Category/Recipient(s)
2011 Won Best Actress Anne Consigny 



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