Le refuge (2009)



Director: Francois Ozon

Writter: François Ozon (screenplay), Mathieu Hippeau (screenplay)

Running time:88 min

Country: France 

Language: French

Subtitle: English
Isabelle Carré, Louis-Ronan Choisy and Pierre Louis-Calixte

Ƿͧء٭ 龺Ѻͧ ͧռ François Ozon ӡѺ·˹ѧҷ˹....


Mousse and Louis are young, beautiful, rich and in love. But drugs have invaded their lives. One day, they overdose and Louis dies. Mousse survives, but soon learns she''s pregnant. Feeling lost, Mousse runs away to a house far from Paris. Several months later, Louis'' brother joins her in her refuge.


Trailer :1 win & 1 nomination



San Sebastián International Film Festival
Year Result Award Category/Recipient(s)
2009 Won Special Prize of the Jury François Ozon
Nominated Golden Seashell François Ozon


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